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I do commissions - email me for details and prices. To order 8 x 10 prints of any of the images you see on the site, use the Paypal button below and email me specifying which picture(s) you would like. Prices are $15 for black and white images, $20 for color. $2 per print for US shipping and postage.

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Hearts & Iron is the story of Carl Hanson and John Sullivan, two iron-pumping gay men who begin a life-journey together. Paul Bunyan follows Big Paul's adventures in the north woods with his fellow lumberjacks. In Ursus Major, A Werebear's Tale, a cub gets more than he bargained for when he meets a bearded and furry dream man.

Click on the links below, and you will be redirected to the Hearts & Iron comic website store, and may purchase comics there.

Books for sale!
HI 1 cover HI 2 cover HI 3 cover HI 4 cover HI 5 cover
H & I #1,
"Beautiful Friendship"

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H & I #2,

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H & I #3,

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H & I #4,
"A Game of Gods"

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H & I #5,
"The Underworld"
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HI Jacked ursus book jacked Big is Better
Paul Bunyan Strip Collection
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Ursus Major, A Werebear's Tale Strip Collection
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Hearts & Iron Strip Collection
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Follow the story of Samson and Pete in fellow artist SONG's Big Is Better.