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Hearts & Iron
Carl is an aspiring mixed martial arts fighter, an amateur pilot, and a carpenter/painter. John is an aerospace engineer, taller than you, and he's not just a huge bodybuilder, but superhumanly strong - and no wonder, with Hercules as an ancestor!

Carl grapples with MMA fighter
Hearts & Iron strip 1 Hearts & Iron strip  2 Hearts & Iron strip 3 Hearts & Iron strip 4 Hearts & Iron strip 5 Hearts & Iron strip 6
Hearts and Iron strip 7 "Big Plans" Hearts and Iron strip #8 "Showing Off" John showsoff his true strength John and Carl in swim trunks at pool party Hearts and Iron strip number 10 John and Carl show off strength John crushes car
John and Carl in muscle worship session John and Carl continue muslce worhsip session Carl measures John's chest Carl punches Carl in MMA match Carl and John after Carl's MMA fight
Carl and John naked watching rainstorm outside Carl & John in bed Carl and John nked in leaf pile John smashes building JOhn and Carl shirtless carl and john valentine
Carl and John i n bed Carl at photo shoot HI 27 John and Carl talk in bed John gives Carl a present wet bulges
John and carl in shower John's big bulge, Carl's wide back and firm butt HI 33 Carl fights back H& I strip 36 HI 37
HI38 HI #39 John rescues Carl John and Carl muscled backs John dominates thugs  

Paul Bunyan
Now this dude is TALL... follow Big Paul's adventures in the north woods with his fellow lumberjacks.

Paul meets the bears Paul prepares to dive in ocean.
Part 6 of Paul's new adventure.
Part 7 of Paul's new adventure.

Paul Bunyan 1 Paul Bunyan 2 Paul Bunyan 3 Paul Bunyan 4 Paul B curls barbell Paul Bunyan's workout part 6
To see the rest of Paul's Workout and parts 1 & 2 of the new arc, go here to order Paul's strip collection. Paul picks up jeep naked Paul Bunyan Paul and new friends jacking    

Ursus Major, A Werebear's Tale
A cub gets more than he bargained for when he meets a bearded and furry dream man...
 Werebear and cub walking in cave  
Ursa Major 1 Ursa Major 2 Ursa Major 3 Ursa Major 4 Ursa Major 5 The dream of the woods continues... e cub meets others of the werebear clan under a full moon in the woods
halloween party with the cub and werebear Were bear and cub sleeping the werebear and cub approach a hibernation cave The werebear cave Cub gets honey poured on him Cub and werebear leave cave in spring
The cub and a friend are under the werebears' watch The cub is observed by another werebear The cub and chaperopne meet thugs Werebear chaperone confronts thugs Werebear battle Bear fight
Werebear and cub by fireplace werebear and paw Werebear and cub in cave cavemen cub and caveman Caveman kiss
ursus25 Cub says goodbye to caveman Werebears on beach bear weekend werebear and cub Werebear and cub around campfire
Cub and werebear in cave Cub in cave ursus 33 Ursus34 U35 Ursus 36
Cub and Werebear walking in snow          
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